Physico-chemical converting system for recoverable materials


Physico-chemical converting system for recoverable materials

Our innovative processing procedure neutralises harmful substances (PVC, nitrogen, acid sulphur, nitric acid etc.) in a biochemical procedure as a first step.

After reduction of the oxygen content to less than 1 % the desired energetic vapour develops.


Following materials are recoverable:


-    All kinds of plastic, even PVC or similar

-    Rubber / used tyres

-    Waste oils, waxes, all kinds of fat, transformer oils, hydraulic oils

-    Refinery residues, bitumen, tars

-    Vegetable raw materials, wood waste, chipboard, impregnated furniture slabs, paper,

     tree cuttings, wood shavings

-    Toxic materials

-    Almost all kinds of acids


The physico-chemical processing offers the advantage that more C3 and C4  hydrocarbons of short chain are produced.

We achieve this result with naturally occurring and unaltered earth. Therefore no special wastes are generated which normally have to be disposed of on a special dump.



Description of the machine system:


1.    Recoverable materials of more than 5 MJ/kg are needed to have the system working



2.    The developing vapour in the converter (WSK) is filtered, purified and cooled down in

       the heat exchanger and the most part condenses as oil.


3.    The whole machine system does not comprise any movable parts. No material       will be moved but only the vapour developing of the material.

       Furthermore there aren’t any noise emissions.

       Because of the special temperature in the WSK vapour soars and is cooled down            through the heat exchangers. Failures such as stoppage of electric motors, breaking

       of conveyor screws or conveyor belts will not occur in our machine system.

       In future we are going to grant a machine-guarantee of 20 years.





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4.    The WSK is heated with a newly developed heating plate which we produce in     house.

       Therefore the whole machine system can be controlled electrically.

       Remote monitoring and operation with a common notebook will be possible soon.

       Our system is controlled by electricity only – there isn’t any direct burning of gas or           heating of high temperature oils.

       There had been more than 3 years of testing to finally develop this special kind of            heating plate.


5.    Recoverable materials are processed in a physico-chemical procedure and are then

       converted to vapour-molecules. The energetic vapour which cannot be reduced into

       a fluid state is directly converted into electricity and heat by means of fuel-injection

       and gas engines. Developing emissions can be compared to those of normal

       automotive engines. Our engines are noise-reduced according to latest technical



6.    Temperatures are to be kept on low level to prevent stainless steal material from    damage and to guarantee a long lifetime of the machine system. We found out that         energetic vapour already develops with a temperature of 50 °C.

       The oil volatilises through the heat exchanger and condenses afterwards. Already           during the first operation process filter systems in the heat exchanger are filtrating a           mostly usable oil.


7.    Residual materials at the end of processing may contain metal parts which will not           oxidate or melt and can be screened directly.


8.    Low processing temperatures in the WSK offer the following advantages:

       - Higher efficiency

       - Economical benefits

       - No pollution of the environment because low temperatures avoid dioxins and furans

       The machine system we developed is able to convert problematic wastes to reusable

       energy – and this with an environmentally friendly processing procedure.


9.    The heat arising in the heat exchanger and the engines can be used for predrying of

       the recoverable materials or - if requested – for any other purpose. The more dry    basic recoverables are the more profitable our machine system is able to work,             because the materials will remain in the machine for a shorter period and this is      saving energy.


10.  The whole machine system consists of separate modules which can be mounted and     exchanged easily without switching the machine off.


Please take notice that until today neither an application for grants has been made nor  any subsidies have been granted, because we didn’t want to attract public attention.


The configuration and conception of our machine system is now giving proof of its  economical efficiency.



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